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Limitations of Liability (Disclaimer)

Authorship and Responsibility in the Sense of the Press Law

The Tübingen Ludwig Uhland Branch of the Anthroposophical Society is responsible for this website. Currently, the author of this website and its responsible in the sense of the German press law is Peter Liehr ("Author").


Concerning the contents made available on this website, the author excludes any liability for

  • quality,
  • correctness,
  • topicality,
  • completeness,
  • availability.

The author tries to achieve correctness. However, errors cannot be excluded. Claims of liability against the author for material or conceptual damage caused by the use or non-use of information or by the use of false, erroneous or incomplete information presented on this website are excluded completely, providing such damage does not result from intentional or grossly negligent conduct on the author's behalf.

The author has the right to change, extend or delete this website or parts of it or to temporarily or finally stop the publication of its contents without prior notice.

External Links

What is that?

An external link is a clickable reference providing access to another website.

Compare: An internal link is a clickable reference providing access to a document whithin the same website.

No Responsibility for External Links

The author takes no responsibility whatsoever for contents of externally linked websites.

The responsibility for expressions of opinion and / or factual statements provided on externally linked websites is exclusively held by their respective writers and / or providers. Such contents do not necessarily agree with the opinion of the author of this website. Since the author of this website has no influence on the contents of externally linked websites, he takes no liability or responsibility for them.

No Claims for Mentions or External Links

The author of this website is not obliged to fulfill requests for mentions or external linkings in any way. Such requests cannot even be considered to be claims on replies from the author of this website. They may remain completely unanswered or be accepted or rejected with or without statement of reason.

Recognizability and Representation

If internet browsers

  • built for the optical representation of internet contents,
  • able to interpret CSS 2.0 stylesheets or higher versions,
  • left unmodified concerning the manufacturer's basic viewing adjustments

are being used, external links will differ from internal ones concerning their optical appearance in most cases. This is an example:

Unfortunately, at the present state of development of this website, internet browsers built for the acoustic or tactile representation of internet contents will not yet be capable of differentiating between internal and external links.

Legally Protected Terms

All trade marks are the properties of their respective owners.

Trade marks, label names and other legally protected terms belong to their respective owners.

On this website, legally protected terms are usually not specifically marked as such. (In some cases, if at all, they are externally linked with the websites of their owners.) That does not mean that the author of this website claims any kind of ownership for legally protected terms. Their legal status is not being questioned by their use on this website.


Hints for complaints are available on the imprint section overview.

Severability Clause

If parts or single formulations of this document are or become illegal, invalid or unenforceable, that shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of this document.

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