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Questions, Error Notes, "Tummy Ache" or Annoyance?

Do not hesitate to contact us if, regarding this website, you

  • have questions,
  • want to make us aware of mistakes,
  • are not content with certain contents.

Presumably, it will not always be possible by this way to completely eliminate opinion differences concerning statements uttered on this website. However, if there are understandable reasons going beyond this to change some of its contents, we will - on balance - certainly not be disinclined to do so.


Especially in case of complaints, please do inform us immediately.

Illegal Contents

Creating this website, we try to work with conscientiousness and care. We have no intent to act unlawfully. If, however, - as opposed to our intentions and to our expectations - you should find illegal and / or legally objectable contents on this website, please immediately send us a note and specifically refer to the relevant contents. In case of their illegality, we will remove the relevant passages immediately.

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